Our world is all about sharing what we are experiencing. Most of the time we are doing this through social media. We want to show our friends what our kids are doing. We share that great new restaurant that we tried. Or even the new color choice for our remodeling project.

When it comes to business DO NOT do business on your personal social media page. I see this all the time especially those who are in direct sales. I understand you are very excited about your new business but set up a business page and invite your friends, family, and acquaintances there to do business. Your business will have more success if you treat your business seriously and not mix it up with your personal social media pages.

5 Keys to a Great Business Social Media Page
1. Have a great cover photo with your logo. If you don’t have a logo yet, create one using a tool like Canva.com.
2. Make sure you have filled out all the information in the “About” section with your hours, location (if you have one), website, phone number, etc.
3. Create some eye-popping graphics (again, use a tool like Canva) to catch people’s attention and make them stop scrolling through the feed.
4. Post at least one time a day. Feature new products or services, inspirational quotes, or anything that is going to help to educate your audience.
5. Record a video or do a Facebook Live! Videos are huge on social media platforms. Try unboxing a new product for your audience or show off the new collection of jewelry on display.

After you have posted to your business page then share it to your personal page if you like. While you are at it get a few friends to help you spread the word about your fantastic business. A friend of mine uses this at her church and calls it the “Like and Share Club.” They are spreading the world about things going on at their church.

Remember you are working on building a relationship with potential clients. You want this to be long lasting. So work hard to educate, inform, and enlighten.

Click here to check out our video with more tips to be successful on social media!

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Mary Lu Saylor Social Media and Marketing Strategist

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