Let’s all be honest, whether we own a business, work for another business or work at home – we all need people we can trust that we can build relationships with, encourage one another and pray together.

We need BFF’s in life!

God has blessed us over the past year and beyond growing us to the point where Grow Real Companies now has a full time North office and a full time South office where we can be there for YOU!

One way we want to do this is through our new Business and Life Community on Facebook. It is a private group where you can GROW in Business and Life all year long.


The great news is, it is just $25 for the ENTIRE YEAR!
We are offering you our first year together at this special price as our gift to you, your family and friends. It is open to all women who are serious about their Business and about Real Relationships.
Together we can be AMAZING!


What can you expect:
A place you can visit 24/7 to be encouraged, to be inspired, to meet great people and to GROW!
A place you can feel safe and free to ask questions and get professional advice for your business.
A place where professional marketing and social media training will be offered.
A place of accountability so that you stay on track all year long.
A place to advertise your business and share special offers and events with other members. We want to all support each other.


COME JOIN US NOW! We can’t wait to meet you in our new group!


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